Tricks to Stop Losing Money to the Casinos

Majority of the casino games are the game of chance in which both the casinos and the players are having equal probability of winning. But, the stats show that in majority of the cases the casinos are the gainer in the long runs. Majority of the players tend to lose their money back to the casino irrespective of how much he has won previously.

So, the million dollar question is that what actually makes the players lose their hard earned cash in to the casinos in the long run? There are in fact 2 key factors that are the prime reasons why majority of the players lose their money in the long run and they are: the house edge, the maximum limit and last but certainly not the least the psychology factor. singapore casino

A. The House Edge
Like any other business, casinos require to ensure that they make adequate profit right from their gambling businesses. That’s the reason why the casinos require having slightly better edge in winning as compared to the players. The mathematical edge of casino against the players is termed as the “the house edge”. The casinos place the house edge on every kind of game. For an instance, if you play on game which is having a house edge of about 5.56% v/s a 2.78%, signifies that you will be having the chance to lose your money two times as fast than in the second one.

B. The Maximum Limit
In any of the casino games, it is a common thing to have runs of five, six or even fifteen results of black or red, high or low, even or odd on a row; but it does not occur in any of the casinos on earth to have as many as fifty on a row equal outcomes. This signifies that if the casino haven’t placed a maximum betting limit providing the player has adequate money to double his betting each time he lose, the player will certainly win back his money with one additional chip. That’s the reason why the casinos protect it from the rich players who play by adopting such strategy by bringing in maximum limit on all of the casino games.

So, if you are an amateur or in between an amateur and seasoned pro then you can certainly adhere to the above mentioned tips.

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